Monday, May 25, 2015

Finding My Way

I used to be someone who felt truly and honestly nourished in my life.  There was always a song in my heart and joy in my days.  My energy and my confidence were operating at warp speed and I felt a strong sense of purpose. Somewhere along the way, over the years I lost that feeling. It happened so gradually that I didn't notice the change in direction I had taken.  I allowed my body to be neglected and abused by an excessive consumption of frankenfoods and a chronic bout of inactivity. My mind hadn't been properly stimulated in what seems like years. When was the last time I even read a book?!  As a result, I lost the job that I loved and my spirit has come close to the breaking point. It hasn't crashed yet, but it's in need of resuscitation.

Fortunately, I've been jolted awake before I've reached a point of no return. As I stand here today, I am blessed to have the opportunity to see the questionable path that I was headed down and to make a concerted effort to take a sharp turn.

So here I am, consciously changing course and putting myself back on the road to the wholesome life I used to live and enjoy. May each day be greeted with the awesome possibility it possesses. Here's to being productive, serene and joyful.  And may each day continue to provide me with the opportunity to discover what truly matters in this life.